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Newman Machine Company has been a designer and builder for the woodworking and manufacturing
industry since 1907. Primarily known for its heavy-duty woodworking machinery and helical cutterhead
design, Newman Machine carries the title of the “oldest continuously operating planer manufacturer in
the world”.

Newman Machine was started at our original factory near downtown Greensboro in 1907 covering a full
city block that also included a foundry and employed over 250 people during the early years. We are a
proud family owned and oriented company that takes great pride in its products, services and
employees. We offer employee benefits and holidays comparable to larger companies. We are always
searching for new employees and would like to hear from you. We currently have openings in following
areas: Field service technician, mechanical assemblers, inspection, production control, engineering and

Whatever your interest, we would be happy to hear from you.
Please submit applications at the link below and/or send resumes and forms to Newman Machine
Company, PO Box 5467, Greensboro NC 27435.

Job Application

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